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Meet Maddie

Our state-of-the-art 450-liter CARL still from Germany, which we’ve named “Maddie”, offers our distiller unparalleled control and consistency in handcrafting our artisanal spirits. A family-owned business, CARL has been designing and building the world’s best copper stills since 1869.

“Maddie” offers a copper whiskey helmet, 7 controllable plates, and a built in vapor basket chamber at the base of the column. Fully automated, “Maddie” is driven by an industrial digital computer and programmable logic controller that ensures every artisanal spirit we make is consistently delicious, following the same recipe and distilling process.

Full Circle Distillery Maddie copper still

Meet Magnum

Our 25-liter bespoke pilot copper pot still is used for small-batch runs and research & development. With 4 controllable plates and a built-in vapor basket, “Magnum” is a true workhorse that allows us to experiment with new recipes and botanicals, and create unique spirits with the full benefit of a true copper still.

Full Circle Distillery Magnum copper still

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Our Team

Today, a new craft distilling movement is writing a new chapter in the history of distilling, embracing the time-honored traditions of precision and craft.

We are a small family-owned enterprise, committed to promoting the very best of the Philippines.

Full Circle Distillery team portrait