The Archipelago

A Paradise of Botanical Wonders

Our Gin

  • Archipelago Botanical Gin

    Our flagship gin spirit, crafted from 28 botanicals, 22 of which are foraged across the Philippines, including fresh pomelo, dalandan, calamansi, dayap, mango, Benguet pine, sampaguita, ylang-ylang and kamia flowers.

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  • Archipelago Barrel Reserve Gin

    Our flagship gin spirit rested in new American oak barrels with a medium long toast. Toasting allows the oak to impart a rich medley of aromas while adding intense complexity to our spirit for a delicious a sipping gin.

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  • Archipelago Black Bamboo Gin

    Our newest gin expression, handcrafted from organic black bamboo cultivated on a family farm, presents an elegant flavor profile of earth, grass and spicy cardamom, deliciously balanced on a foundation of citrusy Italian juniper.

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  • Archipelago Navy Strength Gin

    Our flagship ARC Botanical Gin, elevated to a higher seaworthy strength proof, packs a stronger botanical punch that can hold its own in even the most creative or complex craft cocktails, making it a bartender’s favorite.

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  • Distiller's Series - coming soon

    Distiller's Series

    Coming soon!

Other Spirits

  • Archipelago Lava Rock Vodka

    An extremely smooth, crisp and clean spirit that celebrates our artisanal distilling processes. Copper distilled in small batches, our vodka is naturally filtered over lava rocks from the volcanoes of Taal and Mayon.

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Our Process

Foraged Botanicals

Handcrafted from 28 botanicals, 22 of which are locally sourced and foraged across the Philippine islands, our flagship ARC Botanical Gin offers a citrus-forward botanical mix that includes pomelo, oranges and calamansi, Benguet pine from the Cordillera Mountains of northern Luzon, fresh mango from our family farm in Pangasinan, and a medley of fresh tropical flowers that include sampaguita, ylang-ylang and kamia.

ARC GIN uses foraged botanicals

Artisanal Distilling

Our state-of-the-art 450-liter CARL hybrid copper pot still allows us to undertake a slow, carefully controlled 8-hour distillation. The importance of copper cannot be underestimated, which is a hallmark of our custom CARL pot still, its whiskey helmet and the efficient 7-plate column. This ensures we fully capture the flavors and aromas from our rich botanical recipe for the best possible gin taste profile.

During each distillation process, our blend of alcohol vapor and essential oils and flavors is in constant contact with our still’s copper interior. Being highly reactive, the copper helps removing sulfur and other undesirable and “off” flavors from the spirit and the botanicals, giving ARC Botanical Gin its distinctive and flavorful taste.

ARC GIN is made via artisinal distilling

Pure Laguna Water

After distillation, we slowly hydrate our spirits to a bottling strength using clean, pure spring water drawn from underground aquifers fed by the watershed of Mt. Makiling Nature Reserve in Laguna.

ARC GIN uses pure Laguna water


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