The Full Circle Story

A Grandfather’s Legacy

From Alsace to Saint Petersburg to the Pearl of the Orient, the journey of Master Distiller Peter Westfall inspires Archipelago.

Escaping the tumult of the Russian Revolution, Peter arrived in Manila with his family in 1918, and soon found an opportunity to apply his unique knowledge and expertise at a local brewery.

Tinkering with tropical fruits and botanicals to extract their exotic flavors and aromas, Peter’s groundbreaking work led to inventions that endure today.

For nearly two decades, Peter and his family explored the island archipelago, enjoying the country’s rich culture and warm people, becoming citizens of the country they loved.

Embracing centuries-old tradition and techniques, we celebrate Peter’s commitment to excellence and precision with our handcrafted artisanal spirits.

Our Values

  • Authenticity

    Every step of our craft distilling process is genuine and real. We proudly and transparently share all that we do, with an aim to educate and uplift.

  • Integrity

    We proudly handcraft our artisanal spirits using time-honored traditions and techniques. No shortcuts, no smoke, no mirrors.

  • Precision

    We embrace ingenuity and innovation to push the envelope of the possible. We apply research, history and best practices to our work.

  • Craft

    We are committed to true craft, which means small-batch, copper distilled, handcrafted spirits.

  • Pride of Place

    With each spirit, we aim to transform the essence and character of the Philippine Archipelago’s rich flora into a single magical moment of sensory enlightenment.

Gin for Good

Coming Soon


Local Mix: ARC Botanical Gin Philippine Tatler

Using a wealth of native fruits, herbs, and spices, Full Circle Craft Distillers is set to change the beverage scene with the launch of ARC Botanical Gin. The fresh tang of locally-grown citrus is overlaid with the fragrance of lemongrass and a woodsy-spicy touch of cinnamon on one’s palate— an exquisite melange of flavours that winds down to a finish redolent with juniper berries and lush, ripe mangoes...

October 19, 2018

Archipelago Botanical Gin

Today I can present something very special on in my eyes. Probably I am one of the first who holds this gin in Germany in the hands, namely the Archipelago Botanical Gin, or shortly ARC-Gin. The gin comes from the Philippine Islands and is made in the city of Calamba in the province of Laguna. Calamba City is about an hour's drive from the capital, Manila...

January 13, 2019

This award-winning gin features a unique range of Philippine botanicals including calamansi, ilang-ilang, and sampaguita GMA News Online

The Philippines is one of the largest consumers of gin in the world, with Filipinos consuming a whopping 22 million cases every year. And while a bulk of the gin Filipinos drink is mass-produced, it was only a matter of time that craft distilleries paid attention to our fondness for the spirit....

July 9, 2019

This World-Class, Philippine-Made, Premium Craft Gin Hopes to Impress Gin-Loving Filipinos Esquire Mag

In 2018, gin posted the largest volume gain among all the alcoholic drinks categories, at 8.3 percent. You have our millions of gin drinkers to thank for that. According to a study by IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, the Philippines maintains its lead as the world’s largest gin market, responsible for 43 percent of total gin consumption in the world...

July 16, 2019

Our Awards

Full Circle Distillery

  • Asia International Spirits Competition2018, Hong KongPhilippines Distillery of the Year

  • World Spirit Awards2019, AustriaFirst Philippine Distillery to Participate

ARC Botanical Gin

  • World Gin Awards2019, LondonGold Medal

  • SIP Awards2019, USAGold Medal

  • Asia International Spirits Competition2018, Hong KongSilver Medal

  • World Spirit Awards2019, AustriaSilver Medal

  • American Distilling InstituteCertified Craft Distilled Spirit

ARC Barrel Reserve Gin

  • World Gin Awards2019, LondonBest of Category - Gold Medal

  • SIP Awards2019, USAGold Medal

  • World Spirit Awards2019, AustriaSilver Medal

  • ADI Judging of Craft Spirits2019, USABest of Category - Silver Medal

  • American Distilling InstituteCertified Craft Distilled Spirit

ARC Lava Rock Vodka

  • ADI Judging of Craft Spirits2019, USABest of Category - Silver Medal

  • San Francisco International Spirits Competition2019, USASilver Medal

  • SIP Awards2019, USASilver Medal

  • American Distilling InstituteCertified Craft Distilled Spirit